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For the Kibani 61.5cc chain saw, the rooting of trees, sawdust and saw timber construction is no problem. The chain saw has a powerful, air-cooled 3.2 hp, 2-stroke engine. Because the chain saw is equipped with a gasoline engine, you can go and stand wherever you want. This makes the chain saw widely applicable. The chain saw has a 50 cm long saw blade. The easy-launch system makes it easy to start the chain saw. All this makes the chain saw a user-friendly and easy-to-use machine. Furthermore, the chain saw has an automatic chain lubrication, which lubricates the chain during use. By adjusting the adjustment screw, the amount is adjusted. The chain saw is fitted with a chain brake system. This allows you to work safely with the chain saw. The soft grip handle allows you to comfortably hold the chainsaw. Temporary work gloves, protective goggles and ear protector gift!

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Air-cooled 1 cylinder, 2-stroke engine
Power: 61.5 cc / 3.2 hp / 2.4 kW
Fuel tank capacity: 550 ml
Mengsmering: 1:25
Type of fuel: Euro 95/2 beat oil
Chain oil tank capacity: 260 ml
Total length saw blade: 55 cm
Saw Area: 50 cm / 20 inch
Pitch Size Chain: 0.325 ''
Speed: 10000 rpm
Running stationary: 2800 rpm
Max. Stem thickness: 55 cm
Weight chain saw: 8 kg
Pack size: 51x28x32 cm (LxWxH)
Weight of packaging: 9.1 kg
Keurmerk: CE and GS
Note: Kibani Germany
2 years warranty
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