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The most versatile garden tools in our range: the Kibani® 5-in-1 combi tool. This machine with powerful and practical 1.9 hp 2-stroke engine is a hedge trimmer, chainsaw, brush cutter and grass trimmer in one. You can easily change the attachments thanks to the handy connector. with service and 2 years warranty /free delivering

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Power: 52 cc / 1.9 hp / 1.4 kW
Air-cooled 1 cylinder, 2-stroke engine
Speed ​​idle: 3,000 rpm p / min
Maximum speed: 8,200 rpm p / min
Maximum wirehead speed: 7500 rpm p / min
Maximum speed 3-knife blade: 8000 rpm p / min
Mixing ratio: 1:25
Petrol type: Euro 95
Type of oil: 2-stroke
Fuel tank capacity: 1200 ml
Contents oil tank chainsaw: 150 ml
Content of wire head: 3 m
Length of the chain saw blade: 10 inch / 25 cm
Length hedge trimmer blade: 38 cm
Beak opening hedge trimmer blade: 2.2 cm
Sound level: 114 dB
Total length: 180 cm
Length of attachment: 74.5 cm
Dimension of combitool without attachment: 106x27x26.5 cm (LxWxH)
Weight combination tool without attachment: 5.4 kg
Package dimensions: 109x29x29 cm (LxWxH)
Package weight: 13.8 kg
Quality marks: CE, GS, TÜV
Type: GTB5212M
Brand: Kibani®
2 year warranty
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