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HECHT 637 Woodsplitter to Max 4Ton Electric powered wood splitter with power output of 2HP. Suitable for log with diameter 5-25cm and length of up tp 36cm. Maximal pressure 4 tons Electric powered wood splitter with a power of 2 HP. Suitable for wood with a diameter of 5-25cm and length of up to 36cm. Very easy to use and move with the trolley system Compact machine for fast processing of firewood Spare bits you find in our section accessories / parts FREE DELIVERING AT HOME

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brand Hecht
Electro Motor 230V 50Hz
Brand motor  Hecht
Max. 4 ton splitting power
Max. gap length 37cm
Max.thikness   5 - 35cm
Max. capacity 1,400 W
Weight 43 kg
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