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Robust and highly efficient collector mower with the market unique achievement 4x4 drive. Excellent fit for larger dimensions hilly gardens with steeper slopes or less frequently managed areas with higher grass. The 4x4 system can also follow in a superior way about hills through drainage ditch areas. Built on one durable, welded steel cutting deck, handle system with the innovative FlexiSpeed drive system and is equipped with a strong and easy too start Briggs & Stratton engine.

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Motor Briggs & Stratton
Motor type Quantum
Engine type 675e Series
Cylinder capacity 150 cm³
Net power at set rpm 2.4 kW @ 2950 rpm
Fuel tank 1.5 liters
Air filter type Paper
Transmission system Variable speed
Drive system Self-propelled, variable speed
Cutting deck
Chassis Steel
Method of reaping Collecting / Milling Mulching / Side
Cutting width 53 cm
Cutting height, min-max 30 - 90 mm
Cutting height 9
Cutting height setting Four points
Collection box 62.3 liters
Knife type PX3
Cutting height setting Yes
Wheel dimensions, front 203.2 mm / 203.2 mm
Rims, material Plastic
Water connection Yes
Mulching kit Included
Weight 41 kg
Sound data
Noise level at user ear level 84 dB (A)
Guaranteed noise level, db 98 dB (A)
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